im tom preszcator been in countless music projects,skateboard and snowskate ones as well , i currntly do my own thing with 701 enterrtainment check me out ... i have my photography and video editing certificate . i love snowskating and skateboarding .. tumblr me up n keep checking in :)

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Mya bean

Mya bean

me snowskating at the downstairs 

mya getting a belly rub

new rap i wrote

mind over matter , sometimes when we die we see blood splatter

 , mondren times is what matters , tears and shattered glasses

 mean the tides will never turn lifes the ride bring me back in time long ago when there was no worries , n men pittyed hoes 

, hear my raps on the radio , be like a fucking mind blow , laying landmines out with my mad rhymes , truth is i got lots of time , to fucking kill this shit , dont try to hard get shot down lyrical ak 47 spray , tearing you apart , to bad u couldent have hade the magic to make this accident look so tragic , video killer acting so wack be like ben stiller 

make u feel like ur in a nightmare and it will be a real thriller 

might even give u a heart attack , im hunting like the beast of the jungle 

and this is my royal rumble , sometimes get drunk and stumble 

make any haters who face me crumble 

like im dynamite making them erupt 

poor to rich ,some times lifes a bitch 

and we gotta fuck it to survive 

aint to much truth to living lies 

dont have to be watching 

when i got the eagle eye 

snipper on target . to put u in the butcher market 

snail art i have been creating ffor a while decide to paint one on my skateboard griptape and my snowskate

Fat Bong Hoot

Fat Bong Hoot

mya  again 

Mya My Husky/German shepard mix will be posting pictures as she grows up:)